AGES 5 and up, and for everyone who just want to have a fun celebration!


For our birthdays we have 2 packages: The packages will differ from the day of the event, and the ages of the participants

For Ages 5-10, participants will be having an access to the Target Shooting Ranges, determining who will be the best shooter

amongst groups.

For Ages 11+, participants will have both Target Shooting Range and Battle Zone determining who will be the best individual

shooter and the best group.


Our trained operators will ensure the participants will have an amazing time learning how weaponry works in a completely safe

environment with all safety equipment provided for them.

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Tasleeh shooting is the exclusive place for you and your team to participate in some of the most exciting and productive

team building experience. Our team of experts will be taking care of your event from A to Z.

As well as we offer various programs to corporates like discounts to our facilities.

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Here at Tasleeh Shooting we run a 3-hour Team building event to help build relationships within your staff to optimize their

performance by increasing ability to communicate with accuracy and purpose.

The Corporate Team Building has 3 main events:

1. Creative Problem Solving Game – A stage where creativity is determined as well as how to bond the team is to each other

2. Target Shooting – A stage where teams will split into two groups, by which each group will be playing in our ranges determining

who is the best shooter.

3. The Battle – The stage where pre-requisite stages are being executed. Same group of team in the Target Shooting, but will be

in the battle of aiming the best group/team.


All events by which defines and determines the quality of teamwork, trust, and ability to withstand the test of life battles.

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